Valentine’s Day (poem)

Valentine’s Day 

(originally written 09/29/16)

Another Sunday at work with your brown eyes

forcing me into the candy closet to make you

seem a little sweeter than you actually are to me.

You gave me chocolates, and a yellow rose,

my (your) favorite, on Valentine’s Day

to make my problems disappear that I had yet to face.


Is that why you punched me in the face

with your vocal chords screaming I look prettier with black eyes

instead of green, I don’t know what’s worse–you

telling me to kill myself or you telling me

“I love you”. both made me stand limper than a dead rose,

a yellow rose, like the one you gave me on Valentine’s Day.


I’m used to it, I know, but February 14th isn’t the day

I’d expect to have such a sore, fractured face

from feeling your words stab me with the daggers in your eyes,

carving into my heart as if it’s an empty slate, and you

never fail to surprise me,

whether it’s with yellow cheekbones or yellow roses.


It wasn’t until days after that you arose

from the silence and decided you wanted me for the day,

or at least the hour, so you looked up and grabbed my face

and whispered your intentions into my eyes,

one black, one blue, none green, the idea that life without you

was worse than life without me


Why do you always do this to me?

Your heart is nothing but blank paper and those roses,

dead. And although I may hate you today,

I’ll wake up tomorrow longing for your face

next to mine giving me one more slap with “I

hate you” before I’ve completely lost you.


I’m kept alive by your “I don’t need you”

but poisoned of the love sent from you to me

I pricked my fingers on your stupid roses

and tripped over your harsh throat every day

I spent bleeding and breaking beneath your face,

I was a dying light to your dark, brown eyes.


I learned a raised voice beats the face

of innocence and shatters glass eyeballs. You

taught me that last year, on Valentine’s Day.



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